Port Colborne Pirates vs. Welland Junior Canadians

Port Colborne Pirates opened the game strong against Welland Junior Canadians!  Scoring two unanswered goals in the first period.  The second period they scored another unanswered goal.  The thrid period Welland really came alive scoring two goals.  It looked like they had a chance to come back when they traded their goalie for an extra man on the ice.  It proved unsucessful when Port Colborne scored their final goal in an open net setting the score at 5-2.


As I was aligning myself for the shot I really wanted, the one where the sign post was bent, and the tire tracks led to it with the SUV in the background, I heard the words “May I help you sir?”.  As I looked and saw the OPP Officer speaking them, I responded back “No sir” and continued trying to align myself for the shot. I was met with “Would you like a ticket for walking along the highway sir?”.  It was that moment that I plowed back through the snow to my car and proceeded to drive onwards regretting that I missed “my shot”.  I did manage to capture a couple frames before I was confronted by the OPP so my snowy trek wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Port Dalhousie Lighthouse.

Port Dalhousie has been on my mind lately so I thought I’d share some photo’s I’ve taken there.

It’s such a nice place to go visit.  It’s easy to clear your mind. There are so many great things to do like looking at the ducks or even feeding them bread crumbs.  You can enjoy a game of beach volleyball, or head into the lake for a swim.  When the carousel is open, it’s fun to sneak a quick ride!  I hope you can take a trip there and enjoy it soon!


2013 edit.

I was under the impression that I might not get another shot that I loved of the lighthouse that was new and looked different from what I’ve already shot of it.  I guess I was wrong because this is a shot from this year of the lighthouse.  I’m glad to be able to share it with you.  I hope you enjoy it too!


Port Dalhousie Lighthouse
Port Dalhousie Lighthouse




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