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Port Colborne Pirates vs. Welland Jr. Canadians Season Opener

The Port Colborne Pirates hosted the Welland Jr. Canadians for the season opening game at the West Side Arena.

The Pirates started out very strong against the Jr. Canadians. It was looking like a shut out with a Pirates win after the first period!  Port Colborne managed to bring the score up to 3-0 at the buzzer of the first period.  The second period Welland decided it was time to sneak in their first goal after The Pirates brought the score up to 4-0.  By the end of the third period it was 6-2 and The Pirates shorted everyone by one goal from getting some Don Cherry’s freebies.  After all was said and done it was still a great game with brand new jersey’s thanks to Don Cherry’s.

For additonal game stat’s check out the gamesheet.

Up next Port Colborne plays Stoney Creek in an away game.

Come out and cheer for The Pirates next Friday 14th when Thorold stops by the West Side arena.

St. Catharines Falcons vs. Port Colborne Pirates – Game 6 of 7 – April 8, 2012

Port Colborne Pirates hosted St. Catharines Falcons for what turned into the final game for the Pirates in the playoffs.  Port Colborne worked hard to take second place.  The team worked hard to improve over last year when they were eliminated in the second round of the playoffs against Niagara Falls Canucks.

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Game Sheet

Port Colborne Pirates vs. Niagara Falls Canucks – Game 3 of 7, March 20, 2012

The Port Colborne Pirates were first to step out on the ice, and also they were first to put the puck into the net.  The first period saw two Pirates goals before The Canucks managed to slip a puck past Real Cormier in net.  That left the score at 2-1 for the Pirates after the first period.

The second period Port Colborne opened up their lead with an additional goal bringing it to 3-1 by the end of the period.

The third period saw another goal right before the final buzzer bringing the score to 4-1.  Niagara Falls pulled their goalie to try and give them an advantage to tie up, or win the game so the final goal was scored on an open net.  There wasn’t much movement on the ice when they dropped the final puck for the game’s last face-off after that goal.

Port Colborne now stands with a lead of 3-0 for the game series.  With the next game in the West Side arena, it looks promising that’s where the series will end.  It will still require a lot of hustle out on the ice for whoever will win the series.

Port Colborne Pirates 67 James Tyminski

Port Colborne Pirates vs. Niagara Falls CanucksPort Colborne Pirates vs. Niagara Falls CanucksPort Colborne Pirates vs. Niagara Falls CanucksPort Colborne Pirates vs. Niagara Falls Canucks

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Port Colborne Pirates vs. Stoney Creek Warriors

March 9, 2012 was the last game of the playoff series between Port Colborne and Stoney Creek. Port Colborne Pirates are now advancing to the next round of playoffs against Niagara Falls Canucks.  The first game is scheduled in Niagara Falls for Friday March 16, at 7:30p.m.

As you can see below, Carson Minor just scored the final goal of the second period.  That brought the game total to 8-0.
Port Colborne Pirates - Carson Minor nets a goal
Below you can see Real Cormier stepped out of net after he allowed his first goal of the game in bringing the game 9-1.  Morgan was put under pressure with his team getting several penalties during the third period.  He had 16 shots on goal and only let one slip by.
Port Colborne Pirates Goalie - Morgan Hudson
Good luck on the next round of playoffs Pirates.
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Port Colborne Pirates vs. St. Catharines Falcons – Feb 19 – with Walter Gretzky

It was quite the game between the Port Colborne Pirates and St. Catharines Falcons.  Special guest appearances were made by Walter Gretzky to drop the puck and Rita Carrey to sing the National Anthem.

Port Colborne played a great game taking the game win from St. Catharines.  The final score came to be 4-2 in regular game play.
Walter Gretzky and St. Catharines Falcons vs. Port Colborne PiratesRita Carrey being helped onto the carpet by Zoran Popel

Port Colborne Pirates vs. Niagara Falls Canucks : Dec 18, 2011

Port Colborne hosted the Niagara Falls Canucks.

When the final buzzer rang the score stood at 37 offences totaling 124 penalty minutes.

This is the final Junior B hockey photo blog entry.  While it was enjoyable shooting and posting game photo’s, there seems to be an overall lack of interest.

Merry Christmas to all, and Happy New Year as well!


Port Colborne Pirates vs. St. Catharines Falcons – Dec. 11, 2011

The Port Colborne Pirates hosted the St. Catharines Falcons at the Westside Arena.

The first period each team netted two goals ending off at 2-2.

The second period St. Catharines managed to finish the period leading 3-2.

The third period St. Catharines continued opening up the lead and Port Colborne just couldn’t get any scoring luck.  The final score ended up 6-2 with St. Catharines taking the win.

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For any additional game stats, you can look over the gamesheet.




Port Colborne Pirates vs. Fort Erie Meteors – Nov. 26, 2011

Port Colborne seemed to show up to Fort Erie looking for an easy handout.

The first period saw Fort Erie slide three pucks into the net to leave the score 3-0 at the end of the period.

The second period saw Port Colborne trying hard to catch up.  Port Colborne was looking good as they closed the score to 3-2.  Before the period ended, Fort Erie brought the score to 4-2.  Fort Erie was really pulling plays together out there on the ice to hold this lead!

The third period Fort Erie was looking for any spot to slide the puck into the net however it was Port Colborne that found two holes leaving the final score at 5-4 for Port Colborne.

Here’s the official gamesheet.

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