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Welland Jr. Canadiens vs. Fort Erie Meteors in Fort Erie

I haven’t been to any hockey games for quite a while so I stopped in to see Welland vs. Fort Erie Saturday February 6, 2016.  I can’t see the Port Colborne Pirates play any more since they moved to Pelham when the Niagara Whalers took over Vale centre.

So being that it’s been a long time and remembering how Fort Erie used to play it was pretty surprising and impressive to see that Fort Erie got the win!  They managed the win in regular time with a final score of 4 to 3.

There was even a fight that broke out and they ejected a player out of the game for “roughing after the whistle”.  Mind you there were some calls in the game that left you wondering what’s going on like too many men on the ice.  I guess you best get off the ice before you send a new player out there.

Anyways here are a few shots from the game:




Port Colborne Pirates vs. Fort Erie Meteors – Nov. 26, 2011

Port Colborne seemed to show up to Fort Erie looking for an easy handout.

The first period saw Fort Erie slide three pucks into the net to leave the score 3-0 at the end of the period.

The second period saw Port Colborne trying hard to catch up.  Port Colborne was looking good as they closed the score to 3-2.  Before the period ended, Fort Erie brought the score to 4-2.  Fort Erie was really pulling plays together out there on the ice to hold this lead!

The third period Fort Erie was looking for any spot to slide the puck into the net however it was Port Colborne that found two holes leaving the final score at 5-4 for Port Colborne.

Here’s the official gamesheet.

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Fort Erie Meteors vs. Buffalo Jr. Blades – Nov. 12, 2011

The Fort Erie Meteors hosted the Buffalo Jr. Blades

The Meteors opened the game with the first goal of the game in the first period.

The second period saw Fort Erie open the lead up further to two to nothing.  Later Buffalo managed to slide one into Fort Erie’s net to bring the score up to two to one.

The third period saw both teams working to get the win.  Fort Erie scored an additional goal to bring them up to a three to one lead.  That’s where the game stayed and Fort Erie got the game win.

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Welland Jr. Canadians Vs. Fort Erie Meteors

The Welland Jr. Canadians opened up a very fast lead in the first period scoring only 1:35 into the game.   They followed up with a second goal to close the first period at 2-0.   The score stayed that way through the whole second period.  Fort Erie scored in the third period and was attempting to score another goal when Welland got a penalty for high sticking.  Fort Erie took advantage of the power play and scored a goal to tie the game at 2-2.  Welland and Fort Erie struggled to keep the puck for nearly the remainder of the period.  With only 10 seconds remaining in the game Fort Erie wasn’t able to stop Welland’s shot.  Welland now had the 3-2 lead.  With only 10 seconds remaining Fort Erie pulled their goalie and tried to tie up the game but wasn’t sucessful.

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