Business Headshot Sale

With 2019 started and rolling along nicely it’s a great time to get a fresh new headshot.

Tuesday February 26, 2019 we will be holding a shortened headshot session for anyone looking for a quick solution to have a fresh look for 2019.

Sessions will be up to 30 minutes in length and will include 1 retouched image of your choice. All sessions must be pre-booked, and shooting will happen on Tuesday February 26, 2019.

We look forward to serving you to help you look your best. Contact soon because this limited offer is one day only.

Winter Fairy Fantasy Portraits

As winter pushes on, and gets colder outdoors, it’s warming up in the Fantasy Department.

Super cute Colbie stopped in for her personal Fairy Fantasy photo shoot.

A little girls special moment can’t be bought, or traded, that will bring her that much happiness as it brought her. With her fairy costume, beautiful flowers in their hair, sparkling eye shadow and red colored lips; you can see JOY in her eyes. I told Colbie…you will be a Fairy Colbie, today, is that ok? She answered with big YES and smile in her lips. 🙂

Book now for your little Fairy <3

Give us a call 289-488-0899 extension 101 or email: and let’s start planning it! Booking through the end of February.

Winter time Fairy Fantasy Photo-shoot

Little girls always want to play dress up and be beautiful.One of their fantasy is to become a beautiful princess, a singing mermaid or a magical fairy. With their enchanting fairy costume, beautiful flowers in their hair , sparkling eye shadow, red-coloured lips, and a magic wand; you can see JOY in their faces that is PRICELESS. Capture this dream to become reality. They become your little girl once ; seize and see those SMILES. Since we started to pursue some fantasy photo shoots we have made it around to Fairy’s . A lot of work surrounded building a custom set and sourcing willing ‘helpers’ to model for us. We are proud to kick off 2019 with this fun fantasy.

Fairy Photo Shoot - Looking deep into the water.
Pond reflections
Fairy Photo Shoot
Fairy Photo Shoot
Casting a spell over the Frog
Fairy Photo Shoot

We would love to hear from you if you’d like to capture your own child or grandchild with this special limited time Fairy Photo Shoot! Costume to be provided for use during the session.

Give us a call 289-488-0899 extension 101 or email: and let’s start planning it! You may also see some additional information here.

Limited spots and only for the month of February.

Feel free to stop by Facebook and say hi as well. We look forward to hearing from you.

End of Summer Celebration

With summer quickly coming to an end, we would like to extend a special offer to you when you mention this advertisement before you book your session.

The session must be booked and shot before September 17, 2017 and for $50 you can have up to a one hour session and a framed 11×14 print will be included as well.


Call or email from the contact page.  Just don’t forget to mention the ad when you contact!  We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Teacup fantasy photoshoot!

Recently we had a chance to get outside and tryout the new tea set and table we selected for the tea party photoshoot.  After doing some setup and finding an excited girl to come and have a tea party with her teddy bears we were able to capture this great result to showcase how fun it can be having a tea party for two!

We hope to see more joy and excitement at the next tea party photoshoot!


We have been continuing to expand our props for kids and we have recently acquired a wagon.  While it isn’t exactly known yet when it was manufactured, easily is from the 1930’s through 1950’s time period.

Regardless of when or how it was made, we look forward to seeing your kids enjoying having their photo taken on it soon.

Here is just a quick sample photo created recently to show what the overall look could be using the wagon for a photoshoot!

Teacup Fantasy Photoshoot

Lately we’ve been planning to introduce a special edition tea party photoshoot.   We needed to start somewhere, and while we were out shopping, we decided to begin with a great tea set.   It’s not easy making a decision what the perfect tea set would look like for a tea cup fantasy set.  We had to make a decision though so this is what we arrived at!

We are still in the process of gathering together a few more items to complete the shoot but would love to start hearing from you if you are interested in being the first one to book a tea party fantasy shoot.  Please contact us and let us know you are interested, and we will be sure to treat you right.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Karen in for business headshots

We recently had the pleasure of Karen stopping by and getting a new headshot.  We had a great session and we really worked expressions and came out with a great result!  Be sure and call to get your new business head shot soon before your competition gets a hold of us!  289-488-0899 extension 101.

Hope to hear from you soon!



The weather has been going through it’s regular ups and downs while the flowers peek out at the world!  There are definitely some nice days popping up where the outdoor portraits will be greatly enjoyable with a pop of sun and a dash of flowers.

Now weather aside, we have been busy shopping recently.  We are getting some new photography props to have ready for the great weather.  We’ve been mainly looking for kids fantasy photo shoot props.  Hopefully we can get some of these items together and get down to shooting.

Hope to see you in front of the lens soon!


Family Day Portrait

We are planning great new things for this 2017!  First Happy New Year everyone and I hope everyone out there is off to a great start of the year!

Family Day next month is on Monday February 20.  We would like to celebrate families with a family portrait photoshoot day!  We are planning on an in bed family portrait session with shooting likely to be happening in St. Catharines!

So hurry and contact us soon before the limited spots are fully booked!

289-488-0899 extension 101 or use the contact page.  Please indicate that you are interested in a Family Day Portrait special!


Capturing Smiles One Frame at a Time